Instrument hire

The Arts Unit has a large collection of instruments available for hire to Government Schools and to parents with children attending Government schools. Instruments are available for hire on a term by term or annual basis.

Instrument hire fees
Instrument Term ex GST Year ex GST
Bassoon $157.50 $630
Cello $52.50 $210
Clarinet $52.50 $210
Bass clarinet wood $105.00 $420
Bass clarinet ABS $78.75 $315
Double bass $105.00 $420
Euphonium $92.50 $370
Flute $52.50 $210
French horn $92.50 $370
Oboe $105.00 $420
Piccolo $52.50 $210
Soprano sax $105.00 $420
Alto sax $78.75 $315
Tenor sax $87.50 $350
Baritone sax $105.00 $420
Trombone $52.50 $210
Trumpet $52.50 $210
Tuba 3/4 $105.00 $420
Tuba 4/4 $125.00 $500
Viola $27.50 $110
Violin $27.50 $110

Conditions of Hire

A hire agreement must be signed, before items are collected from Arts Unit premises. The hirer is responsible for the collection and return of all equipment, being aware of the size, shape and weight of the items to be moved.

The hirer is responsible for care and maintenance of instruments whilst on loan. Any repairs or modifications to any instruments must be approved by the Arts Unit prior to commencement of work.

The hirer agrees to pay the cost of replacement, as determined by the Arts Unit, or repairs should the instrument be lost or damaged while on loan. For insurance purposes, the instrument is covered by the Department’s insurance whilst it is on Departmental property (eg; a school) or whilst it is being used for Departmental purposes (eg; a school concert at an external venue). The instrument is not covered at other times (eg; in the hirer’s house or in transit). It is advised that the hirer takes out insurance to cover the instrument whilst it is in their possession.

The hirer agrees to return the instrument immediately should the Arts Unit need to recall it from loan.
Orchestral instruments may be borrowed for a minimum period of one week and a maximum period of one year, after which time a new hire agreement may be generated.

Percussion and audio equipment may be borrowed for weekly periods only.

Members of Arts Unit Performing Ensembles are eligible for a discount of 30%.

Additional to the instruments listed above, TAU has an extensive range of orchestral percussion instruments available for short term hire, including timpani, orchestral chimes, orchestral xylophone, concert bass drum, vibraphone, marimba and crotales.

Also available for short term hire are band risers and choir risers.

There are 12 band risers available, 4 each in 3 different heights:
100 or 200 or 300 high x 2440 wide x 1230 deep.

There are 5 Sico choir risers available, each with 3 tiers and rear safety barrier. These choir risers are mounted on wheels and are easy to manoeuvre. Each riser will accommodate approximately 20 primary students - 5 per tier, with 5 standing on the ground in front of the first tier.

Please direct all enquiries to: