Schools Spectacular – SpecFest FlashMob
SpecFest 2023


The Spec Fest Team invite dance groups from public schools all over NSW to participate in the SpecFest 2023 FlashMob. This exciting initiative, now in its second year, will take place as part of the entertainment at SpecFest, the outdoor festival that accompanies the 2023 Schools Spectacular, on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 November 2023 (Term 4 Week 7).

On either Friday or Saturday, students will rehearse the choreography with our choreographer, perform as part of the FlashMob, feature as part of a video released to celebrate Spec Fest, and have sit in performer seating to watch the evening performance of the 2023 Schools Spectacular.


  • Schools will be provided a video resource of the choreography in late Term 3 and will need to learn the dance prior to arrival at the event.
  • Schools should indicate their preference of which day they wish to participate in the SpecFest Flash Mob on the application form. Please note, at this stage, schools should expect to be only allocated to one of the two days of the event.
  • Schools participating on Friday 24 November will need to arrive at 11:15 am, participate in a rehearsal and then remain on site for a performance in the early evening as part of Spec Fest outdoor entertainment.
  • Schools participating on Saturday 25 November will need to arrive at 1:15 pm, participate in a rehearsal and then remain on site for a performance in the early evening as part of Spec Fest outdoor entertainment.
  • There will be participation fee of $25 per student. This includes access to the choreography resource, a t-shirt and cap for each participant (which will also be the costume for the event), and access to performer seating for the evening performance on the day of their participation.
  • Participating students must be accompanied by a teacher at all times, including whilst attending the evening performance. A maximum of two staff for every 30 students involved in the FlashMob from each school will be provided access to the performer seating area to supervise students.
  • Please note, parents, friends/family or additional staff will not be able to join the students in the performer seating area for the evening performance – access to this area is only for accompanying teachers as above. Parents, friends/family and additional staff will need to purchase a ticket if they wish to attend the evening performance and will not be able to sit with the performers.
  • There is no limit to the number of students from each school who may be nominated to participate in the event, however Spec Fest reserves the right to limit the numbers accepted from each school to ensure that the widest range of schools and students possible are able to participate.
  • Whilst schools who are participating in the Schools Spectacular may also participate as part of the SpecFest FlashMob, it is not posssible for the same individual students to perform in both the SpecFest FlashMob and the Schools Spectacular.


Large group of dancers outdoor, all wearing yellow hats, each looking down along their right arms pointed to the ground, and their left leg crossed behind their right.