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Applications are now closed for school submissions, but you can still find inspiration by using the examples in this learning library. Encourage your students to be creative and think outside of the box.

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Use these resources to spark your creativity and let your imagination run wild!



Circus arts

Explore the magic and art of the circus and perform a short circus routine.


Inspired to hula hoop


Try some new tricks using hula hoops.

Video: Circus skills – hoops


Inspired to juggle


Try a new skill: learn how to juggle. How many different objects can you juggle? 

Video: Circus skills – juggling


Join the circus


Learn some circus skills and be inspired to perform under the big top.

Resource: Join the circus



Inspire your students to create their own dance while exploring and learning movement principles to communicate a clear message.


Create your own butterfly story


The life cycle of a butterfly is a fascinating journey and you could tell it through movement.

Resource: Metamorphosis


Explore and learn movement principles


Use this Creative Class as inspiration to create your own work based around the concept of a firebird.

Resource: Firebird Forensics


Explore the world of dinosaurs


Be inspired by the fascinating world of dinosaurs and create a movement piece that really roars.

Resource: Dinosaur dig – Dance


If the scarecrow can dance it then so can you!


Explore the character of a scarecrow and learn how to move from the inside out.

Resource: Scarecrow dancing


Learn to disco dance

Kindergarten to Year 6 dance

Be inspired by the colourful world of disco dancing. Learn some new moves and have some groovy fun.

Resource: Disco dancing


Starting a primary dance group

Teachers, dance

Have you always wanted to start a dance group at your school? Then this is the moment to begin. Follow this advice and you’ll discover all of the fun and benefits.

Resource: Starting a primary dance group


Understand and explore communicating ideas through dance

Teachers, dance

Use the teaching resource to develop your own choreographic work with the theme of ‘Inspired’.

Resource: The choreographic journey


Use nature to inspire a dance


Go outside and explore nature. Respond to the stimulus around you, exploring what you can see, hear, smell, touch and create a movement piece from your experience. Use this Creative Class on autumn leaves to inspire your creativity.

Resource: Dancing autumn leaves


You can find inspiration everywhere! Like green fingernails!


Inspiration can come from all sorts of places. Follow these ideas to develop a dance piece based on green fingernails.

Resource: Green Fingernails



Digital media and film

Use technology and digital media to create a movie, short film, documentary, tv show or TED talk about something that inspires you and makes you want to step outside of your comfort zone.


Create a documentary

Primary and secondary

Write and film your own documentary about an event, place, or person that inspires you within your local community or even across the world.

Video: How to make a documentary film


Create your own short film


Create a short film. Choose an inspirational story and tell it on film in just 4 minutes.

Resource: Lights, camera, action!


Create your own TED talk

Primary and secondary

Create a TED talk about something that inspires you. Use your voice to express your thoughts and feelings on a topic that ignites you. 

Video: A Way Forward



Invite your students to explore what inspires them and encourage them to express themselves through dramatic performance.


Creative development

Primary drama

Find a prop and use it as inspiration to devise a scene. Use your imagination.

Resource: Drama props


Film creation

Primary and secondary

Use technology to tell your story or write your own TV show. Write and record a film devised from a performance in a specific style, such as narrative, collage, verbatim, melodrama and commedia.

Resource: Filmmaking


Role play and creative development

Primary teachers, drama

Use images, text, ideas and stories as inspiration to start a scene.

Resource: Improvisation and playbuilding


Showcase your musical originality through writing a song, composing a soundscape or creating a remix.


Electronic soundscape and composing

Primary and secondary

Experiment with electronic music and create a track or soundscape using inspiration from your community.

Resource: Electronic sounds


Remix project - Supernova


Use elements and stems from the song Supernova to create your own remixed song.

Resource: Remix project – Supernova


Tips for successful songwriting


Write and compose your own original song then record it and send it to the team.

Resource: Tips for successful songwriting




Showcase your students’ talents through the creation and development of puppets. Students can learn puppetry skills and techniques to express their ideas in a creative way.


Create a shadow puppet

Primary and secondary

Create a shadow and bunraku paper puppet. Use your new creations to inspire a story!

Video: Shadow and bunraku paper puppetry – 1. Making a simple shadow puppet


Puppet making


Use recycled materials to make your own puppet using your own imagination or base it on a character that inspires you.

Resource: Puppet masters


Slam poetry

Find your voice by exploring the exciting world of performance poetry and inspire your audience through the power of the spoken word.


Compose your own slam poem


Use the rhymes and reason to create your own slam poem on a topic that inspires you.

Resource: Painting pictures with words


Finding your voice


Find your voice and share your story using the powerful medium of slam poetry.

Resource: Find your voice


Writing a slam poem


Explore these examples of slam poetry and rap and be inspired to create your own.

Resource: Beats and rhymes


Visual arts

Be inspired by various famous artists to create your own art work about something that you find inspirational. This could be in your home town, local community or even around the globe.


Be inspired by items you can find around you.


Build it higher! Use recycled items to design and create a totem artwork inspired by your imagination and cultural connection.

Resource: Trash totems


Inspired by Henri Matisse

Primary and secondary

Look out the window, what do you see? Use the inspiration of Henri Matisse to create your own inspired artwork.

Video: From the inside out


Inspired by John Olsen


Use John Olsen’s artwork, The King Sun, as inspiration and create an appropriation of this piece.

Video: The King Sun