Drama Festival – the videos

State Drama Festival 2021 – Virtual | Watch

Creative Resource Drama

Sit back, enjoy and marvel at what our schools and the NSW Public Schools Drama Ensembles managed to produce during this exceptional year.

Watch a variety of pieces, styles, programs and achievements in drama filmed over the year and in some cases created specifically during remote learning.

Our online ensembles were a Semester 2 project where students had 10 weeks (10 hours) to write, devise, edit and construct original performances. Congratulations to these Years 5 to 8 students for creatively embracing new skills and dramatic forms, and we hope you will be as impressed as we are in their final products.

Whether it’s a day at the beach, a dream to be the star of the show, pondering what the future brings, a questioning of double standards or a pop-up puppet show, watch and celebrate the creativity of our public school students.

Our school pieces are a collection of those that filmed their performances for local festivals before June and a few who submitted after that time. I’m sure we can appreciate the creative problem solving of our teachers and performers and congratulate them for working within the rules of the day!