Short Film Ensemble 2021 – Film exercises

Duration: 10:59

Disclaimer: This video includes content that may require adult supervision for younger viewers.

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Transcript – Short Film Ensemble 2021 – Film exercises

[intro music]

ZAHRA SINGH: Hi. my name is Zahra.

CHLOE HARNISCH-ROJAS: And my name is Chloe. We are in Year 6 at Ashbury Public School.

DIANA PLATONOV: My name is Diana. I go to Eastwood Heights Public School.

MADELINE SIMMONS: My name is Maddie Simmons, and I'm in Year 6 at Balgowlah Heights Public School.

LIAM MADDISON: Hi. I'm Liam in Year 7 at Marrickville High School.

NOAH UPTON: I'm Noah. I'm 13. I go to Pennant Hills High School.

EDAIN DAVIES BARNIER: Hey. I'm Edain, and I'm in Year 8 at Fort Street High School. Here's a collection of some of the works we created while attending the Digital Drama Short Film Ensemble. I hope you enjoy.

[music playing]

[clock ticking]

[music playing]

[record scratch]

[music playing]

MADELINE SIMMONS: Found you. [grunt] You lose again. [sigh].

[suspenseful music]



[loud bang]

CHLOE HARNISCH-ROJAS: Mum, can we go yet?

WOMAN: I told you girls, you have to do the washing first.

[music playing]

BOTH: Mum, we're done.

MAN: Well, that's how you make an egg.

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