Short Film Ensemble 2021 – Stuck in a Loop

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Transcript – Short Film Ensemble 2021 – Stuck in a Loop

[Intro Music]

LIAM MADDISON: I'm Liam in Year 7 at Marrickville High School, and this is my short film titled 'Stuck in a Loop.' I hope you enjoy it.

[music playing]

KICK: Woo! That was great bro. Yeah! Get out of the way, old man!


[inaudible] road.

[music playing]

KICK: Vinnie, that's the third time we passed that.

VINNIE: That's weird. Want to, like, try riding another way?

KICK: Yeah.

VINNIE: Directions?

KICK: Sounds great.

VINNIE: That's really [inaudible].

KICK: Yeah.

[music playing]

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

VINNIE: It's the same one.

KICK: No. No.

VINNIE: Same one. We're in a loop. Oh my god. What?

KICK: How did it get there?

VINNIE: Oh my goodness.

[sinister music]

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