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Operation Art's been going for over 20 years, and it's a program that encourages students in schools across all of New South Wales to create art to aid in the healing and recovery of kids in hospital.

Through their beautiful artistic works, do something special for the kids who just have ended up in hospital and they need something to lift them. And this is it.

It's not just an artwork. It's not just an exhibition. But it's kids actually being a part of a bigger community and leading the way in how we can support other people.

The Operation Art is something to talk about. It's something that takes your mind out of the here and now and enables you to go on a journey that you maybe wouldn't expect to go on in a hospital. It's beautiful.

We know how important art is to well-being, and it contributes to children feeling a lot more secure and less frightened about having to be in hospital.

To get involved with Operation Art's quite easy. Every year in May is our due date for our exhibition entries. All you need to do is go to our website, follow the Operation Art pages, and we would really love to have you artworks in our exhibition next year.


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