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Primary dance warm-ups with Rebecca Devine - 03. Non-locomotive - instructions

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REBECCA DEVINE: Hi, my name is Rebecca Devine. Today, we will be teaching fundamental movement sequences to prepare the student body for technical training in any dance style. We now have a non-locomotor warm-up.

Starting in open parallel position, rolling down for 8 counts. Spinal rolls coming up for 8 counts. Side lateral tilt for 8 counts. Rolling up for 8 counts. And repeat that the other side. Then going into an 8-count rise.

Rolling down for 4 counts. Out into the plank for 4 counts. Coming back for 4 counts. Rolling up and a 4-count rise.

Correct positions of the feet, starting in close parallel position. In first position, opening and having the knees bending over the midline of the toes. Every player.

When you're rolling down, relax the chin down. Engage your core and bend the knees. And relax completely over the bent knees. And having your knees over the midline of the toes, engaging the abdomen and rolling up the chin tucked under. So it is the last thing up.

And just like our sitting warm-up exercise, the same theory of sliding through the sheets of glass with a side lateral tilt folding forward and rolling up and repeating to the other side. When we're going into a balance, we come through to plié. Prepare the arms and push through the floor, engaging the leg muscles, pulling in your core and shoulder and back muscles pulling down.

And going into the plank, coming down. Walk the hands out and have them underneath the shoulder blades. Push up with the spine and have the muscles engage. This is a really great way for students to find their core. And the next in line with the spine, walking back and rolling up into the rise.

Step out wide and bend down and make sure your knees are over the ankle. Tuck your pelvis under. Engage your core. Make sure you're opening the chest. Shoulder blades down. Hugging a big beach ball and opening the arms out.

Bending down, 2, up 2. Knees over the toes. Now, same theory with side lateral tilts. Have the knee over the toe, reaching, pulling in core. Up, side, up, again.

Now hugging a beach ball, curving, tuck the chin under. Shoulders down. Arms around. Knees bent. Pelvis under. Open, close.

And contract. Breathing in, breathing out. The third stage is combining everything into a side lateral, curve, relax the head, side, and up. Side, curve, side, and up. And then coming down to rise and then finishing. We hope this introduction to fundamental movement training inspires you in developing your dance programs in your school.

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