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Primary dance warm-ups with Rebecca Devine - 05. Locomotive - instructions

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REBECCA DEVINE: Hi, my name is Rebecca Devine. Today, we'll be teaching travelling sequences that focus on coordination and turning. We will now be looking at the locomotor sequences. We're now going to be doing travelling triplet sequences. The first one is playing triplets where we start in first position, rotating the legs out, lifting up through your core stabilisers and shoulders pulling back and down, arms relaxed, and we prepare the leg behind.

And we're going to do a little lunge, bending, having the knee over the toes, and then 2 rise steps and lower. Up, up, down, up, up. Our second sequence involves 2 plane triplets and a pirouette preparation. And down, up, up, down, up, up and pause in this position, have the same arm the leg in front. The arms are going to be initiating the turn. Eyes focus in front, ready to do a head snap with a spot turning, and the leg crosses in front. Adding that all together, we have a turn and down, up, up.

Our third sequence is 2 plane triplets into a pirouette. And down, up, up, down, up, up, pause, arms prepared, coming in to a retiré, on rise with spot turning and pirouette. Repeat. Our final sequence is an extension to challenge your students. We recommend that you focus on each section per lesson, so this is the fourth lesson where the students will be doing 2 playing triplets into a turning triplet, finishing off with a pirouette.

Ready? And down, up, up, down, up, up. You're going to repeat the triplet turning, initiating the shoulder forward and down, up, up, prepare and pirouette. Thank you for watching. We hope this inspires you to challenge your students and develop their love of dance.

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