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State Drama Festival 2021 – Virtual – Never Centre Stage – Kingswood South Public School

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ALL: Welcome to Kingswood South Public School.

STUDENT 1: Kingswood South Public School is located in the Penrith region of New South Wales, the [? dark ?] nation. It has 11 mainstream classes, four for special education classes, one early intervention class for preschool, students with special needs, and a New South Wales Department of Education preschool.

Also, we have the Penrith Hearing and Vision Teams, braille interpreter, and senior psychologist as part of the school staff.

STUDENT 2: At Kingswood South Public School, we try our best and work hard every day to achieve our goals.

STUDENT 1: The school is committed to our well-being and welfare. This is highlighted by having an on-site chaplain, a breakfast programme, lunches provided by Food Bank, and Eat Out, as well as the school assistance programme.

STUDENT 3: Kingswood South Public School has 31% of students who also have a language background of other than English. And 14% of the school population identify as Aboriginal.

STUDENT 1: Our caring teachers always go above and beyond, and always look to provide us an amazing education.

STUDENT 4: We are a PBL school with three key values-- be safe, be respectful, and be [? loyal. ?]

STUDENT 5: We have resources and opportunities for--

STUDENT 6: --our STEM learning numeracy and literacy--

STUDENT 5: --and performing arts.

STUDENT 7: We have heaps of different clubs such as drama, dance, debating, and gardening.

STUDENT 8: And check out our nature.

ALL: Oh.

STUDENT 9: Kingswood South has been part of the Kingswood community for over 50 years.

ALL: Thank you for visiting our school, Kingswood South Public School. Bye.




CATE: Get--

ELLA: The lead--




ALL: Again.

FELICITY: They never pick me.

GRACE: They never choose me.

KAYLEE: I never get the lead part in the play.

ALL: It's so unfair.

MADISON: We need to stand up to the teachers who don't choose us.

JACK: We need to stand up for those people who think we are not good enough.

EMILY: We need to prove that we can act.

ALL: We can be dramatic.

ZOE: Watch out. We've going theatrically poisoned.

[choking noises]

SOPHIE: Oh, Billy Bob, no.

FELICITY: Oh, Lorna Jane, no.

BELINDA: Did no one see me in our last play? I played a tree, a lousy tree. Do you know how humiliating it is to be playing a tree?

My only line was 'whoosh--' whoosh, that's literally it. I thought I would ad lib on performance night by adding a second whoosh to my dialogue.


Well, I didn't get it exactly perfectly right.

I was standing there, looking the part. It was my line. I was going for it. I was going to say it. I was about to announce to the world that a tree could have two whooshes, but it all went horribly wrong.

CATE: What happened, did you choke?

SOPHIE: Vomit?


FELICITY: Splutter?

GRACE: Lose a branch?

KAYLEE: Did you break a leg?

MADISON: Did you fall over?

ELLA: Was it all of the above?

ALL: What happened?

BELINDA: I-- I forgot my line.

ALL: Oh, no.

JACK: That's happened to me before. I forgot my line. And so I just froze.

ALL: What's my next line?

KIM: I only ever get one line.

BELINDA: Well, at least it's more than one single word.

KIM: Yeah, but I deserve to get at least-- well, my mum says I deserve to be the main part of any play I'm in.

EMILY: You're a great actor.

ALL: A great actor.

KIM: I'm a fantastic actor.

ALL: A fantastic actor.

KIM: And all I ever wanted was to--

ALL: And all she ever wanted was to--

KIM: To win an Oscar.

ALL: To win an Oscar.

ALICE: And to know that someone loves me-- that they really love me.

CATE: I would like to thank--

ELLA: I would like to thank--

GRACE: I would like to thank--

LAURA: My mum.

SOPHIE: My dad.


FELICITY: And I would like to say thanks to nothing.

KIM: To the drama teachers who never pick us.

ALL: To be the lead part in the play.

KAYLEE: And so it must be said we need to stand up to the teachers who don't choose us.

MADISON: We must revolt.

JACK: We must start a revolution.

EMILY: We should.

ZOE: She could.

ALICE: Someone should.

BELINDA: And stand up and let us do battle.

ALL: But how?

CATE: With extreme violence.

[fighting sounds]

ELLA: With peaceful demonstrations.

ALL: Groovy.

GRACE: What do we want?

ALL: The lead role.

LAURA: And when do we want it?

SOPHIE: Let me check my calendar.

CHARLOTTE: I should be right to have a lead role after term eight, I think.

FELICITY: I've actually got dance group practise every Monday, Tuesday, and every second Wednesday. So I'm not sure if I'll have time to practise for a lead role until next term at least.

KIM: And I've got--

ALL: Stop.

KAYLEE: Guys, if we're going to start a revolution, we need to act now. We need to stand tall.

ALL: Left, left, left, right, left. Left, left, left, right, left.

MADISON: I don't know what they've been told.

ALL: I don't know what they've been told.

JACK: Our acting talent's pure gold.

ALL: Our acting talent's pure gold.

EMILY: Centre stage is what we need.

ALL: Centre stage is what we need.

ZOE: We've got more talent than Keanu Reeves.

ALL: We've got more talent than Keanu Reeves.

ALICE: So are we going to stand up to those teachers?

ALL: Yes.

LAURA: Are we going to demand better roles?

ALL: Yes.

CATE: Do we want to be a tree?

ALL: No.

ELLA: Do we want to be the narrator?

ALL: No.

GRACE: What do we want to be?

ALL: The lead role.

BELINDA: So who is going to stand up and lead us to battle? Who is going to tell us just what we deserve? Who?

ALL: Umm, she can.

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