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State Drama Festival 2021 – Virtual - Physical Theatre Ensemble - Falling Forward into Yellow

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[intro music]

INSTRUCTOR: Hi, I'm Curly, and these are my wonderful actors.

STUDENT 1: Welcome, to our Physical Theatre Ensemble.

STUDENT 2: We are 15 students from Year 5 to 8.

STUDENT 3: We are from 13 schools across New South Wales.

STUDENT 4: And we've been having lots of fun on our Zooms.

STUDENT 5 : This video is based on our individual interpretations of the colour yellow.

STUDENT 6: We have created it to be abstract and physical, utilising the digital space and IRL space.

STUDENT 7: We hope you enjoy this performance.

STUDENT 8: Thank you.

STUDENT 9: Thank you.

STUDENT 10: Thank you.

STUDENT 11: Thank you.

STUDENT 12: Thank you.

And we hope you enjoy the show.

[music - 99instrumentals, 'calm meditation']

EMILY: Yellow is happy.

Yellow brings us so much joy. Warm, bright, and fuzzy.

MIN: The colour that shines. Bright, but not very happy. It never falters.

[music - 99instrumentals, 'calm meditation']

EMILY: Beautiful yellow. Always bright, never mellow. Brilliant yellow.

TAYLOR: Lighting up the sky. Makes your happy days so fun. Until nighttime comes.

[music - 99instrumentals, 'calm meditation']

JOSIE: Joy in a sad way. Every shade, different. Hope. Joy. Thought. Wonder.

SASHA: Yellow is quite bright. It does not really give me a fright. Yellow makes me chill. Oh, it's quite a thrill.

[music - 99instrumentals, 'calm meditation']

KEEVA: Y-- you're having this nice feeling. It could be called yellow. E-- evenly spreading through your body. L-- lacking this feeling, you don't want it to go away. L-- loving it more and more. O-- oh, no. The feeling has went away. W-- what a sad feeling.

ROSE: Her emotions tied to the sea. Babbling away with her toys. Going with the flow. And smiling like the tide-- in and out. Free. Surviving on instinct. She laughs. Eyes bright and smile wide like the waves-- up and down. Crawling along the surface. Joy. No problems in the world.

But sometimes there are changes. The waves of happiness transform, crashing against the shore, no longer bright but grey, angry, and loud. A tantrum. A storm. Crying and screaming. Waves roaring. Chubby legs kicking.

But the clouds will pass, and there will be sun once more for you dance with the yellow sea.

[music - 99instrumentals, 'calm meditation']

LOLA: My summer heart starts to smile. The sunflower grows in the way of a rose.

PERSIA: Happiness and light. A thousand hungers filled by the yellow.

[music - 99instrumentals, 'calm meditation']

MARGOT: The electricity, sunny weather and daisies. Power of the world.

MATTHEW: Friends and family. The excitement fills the air. A roller coaster.

[music - 99instrumentals, 'calm meditation']

OLIVE: Yellow, a warmth, out and within. The glowing inside, and the sun on my skin. Yellow creating freedom. I'm running through a field. Grass brushing my feet and my laughter revealed. Long stride through nature, a perfect scene, feeling strong and empowered, and all in between. Yellow filling me up from deep inside, with a sense of belonging further supplied. The smiles and jokes creating a beautiful peace, with anger and frustration being released. I can almost see as they float up, up, up and away, absorbed into the sunlight that warms up the day. Yellow, a powerful uplifting force surrounding us all. Creating calmness and tranquillity but making us stand tall. Yellow, implying laughter and forming great bonds between friends. A time to let go, be free, and make amends. These emotions so beautiful, leaving you smiling into the distance. Content, fulfilled, and creating a meaningful existence.

[music - 99instrumentals, 'calm meditation']

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