Schools Spectacular

Kindergarten to Year 12 students and teachers

Schools Spectacular is an iconic cultural event incorporating students from diverse backgrounds and communities from the length and breadth of the state.

A group of singers in different, brightly-coloured outfits, with one lead singer in a brown dress and black boots, all on a shiny stage in front of an arena filled with a large choir and large TV screens

Tune in for the Fabulous broadcast!

Watch on Channel 7 on Saturday December 9 at 7 pm

Schools Spectacular 2023 Fabulous watch on Channel 7 Saturday 9 December 7 pm


It was Fabulous!

Congratulations to all students, teachers, educators, parents, carers, families, staff, volunteers and school communities involved in the 2023 Schools Spectacular!!!! Every performance inside and outside Qudos Bank Arena at Schools Spectacular and SpecFest, along with the exhibitions, tours, activations and development programs, was an incredible celebration of 40 years!

Join us on November 29 and 30 for Schools Spectacular 2024, 'All for One'! 

We are already looking forward to Schools Spectacular 2024, 'All for One' at Qudos Bank Arena. Stay tuned for more details.

Mass group of performers on stage performing in finale


Schools Spectacular
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School Spectacular 2023 Fabulous

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