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Acknowledgement of Country – Video request

For internal use only

The Arts Unit produces an Acknowledgement of Country video each year for use in the Schools Spectacular for NSW Public Schools. The video features The Arts Unit's programs and students. The Arts Unit's Acknowledgement of Country (AoC) video has been approved by the NSW Department of Education's Aboriginal and Communities Directorate.

If you would like to use the AoC video for your event, please seek permission by completing the form below. When permission is granted, you will receive a link to the video.

Please note: The video is not intended as a general AoC to cover any occasion. You should always consider delivering an acknowledgement that is personal and specific to the land and people of the particular area.

The AoC video is one (1) minute long and is played via Vimeo.

Please email if you have any questions about the video or application process.



Apply for permission to use video

Applicant details

Function details

Video usage

We’re interested in how people are using this video. Please let us know your reason for requesting access.
Will there be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons in attendance?
Individual representation
Have you considered delivering an AoC that is personal and specific to the land and people of the particular area?