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Dancing with D'Arts - 09. Performance and outcomes - Two Tribes dance

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VIRGINIA FERRIS: In this session, we start to explore movement on a more complex level. We're going to include a mix of students in the creative process. And this is aimed at a much more mature age student.

First of all, we're going to start with a safe warm-up, revisiting some of the previous dance tasks, such as 'Mirror Mirror', 'Green fingernails', to remind the students about the space. Also looking at the energy for the dance and the focus. Repetition is the key here. Consistency is like a friend to some students. And by going back over familiar territory, it will be valuable for a successful class.

Let's create a dance on a familiar issue such as school bullying. The reference could be about 2 different groups or tribes who each think they are right. In this task, we are creating a story using performance quality, face and body expression, timing, and also energy.

We're going to start by having 2 groups at either end of the dance space, perhaps in a tribe shape. Use the image of one of the references to look at the stimulus. Really look at the different levels.

Look at the intention. Make it a photographic moment, a frozen picture. Ask each group to create a tribe name, for example, the 'Blue' group or the 'Red' group.

So, Patrick's tribe. Patrick could even give it a name. You'll think about it.

Phillip can give his tribe a name. Okay? And I want us to be part of Patrick's tribe. Okay? We're being part of Patrick's tribe. Part of Phillip's tribe.

Yeah, we're looking at each other. Hmm. Tribe. Tribing, yeah? Now, this is going to be a little bit improvised. Because I know that Patrick and Phillip can do a bit of a battle-off.

Create 4 strong poses. Again, use the stimulus. Each pose needs to be a contrasting shape

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1, 2, 3, 4. Start to travel towards each other, maybe doing a mirror image of a locomotive movement, for example, for 3 beats, and then click on 4. Like, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Alternatively, you could use 'Green fingernails' dance sequence. Have 3 formations facing different directions. Then add a staggered start for each group. Say, one lot of 8 beats between each group. This is also called a canon start and will extend the timing for this dance.

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And go! Travel, green, travel, green, travel, green, go!

[energetic music continues]

Repeat this sequence again using unison, facing the front. Green! Cross!

Green. Down. Fat cow.

Add the 'squish a cockroach' sequence, but perhaps change the tempo. This will add dynamics. Freeze in a shape.

Add a transition such as the locomotive movement. In this case, follow the leader's movements to travel to a new position.

[energetic music playing]

The 2 tribes can now face each other, ready to battle.

And let's go, you got it.

The 2 leaders from the 'Red' and 'Blue' group travel towards each other and create a final shape. What will they do?

[energetic music continues]

[cheering and applause]

This dance was created in one, short session today, and many more sequences and transitions can be added to create an entire dance for the future. Remember, not all dance programs need a performance outcome. Often, it's the satisfaction of being creative in the lesson which is most important for the students. Don't forget, some of the music resources are available to you online today. Now, go to the final session, 'Performance opportunities'.

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