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Drama Ensembles 2021 – Monologues – Anastasia Kemmis

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ANASTASIA KEMMIS: Hello there. My name is Anastasia. I'm in year 8 at Turramurra High School, and this is my performance entitled "The Explosion". Hope you enjoy it. OK, miss principal, lady person-- sorry, I am not good with names. But before you call my parents and before you tell me how much trouble I'm in, I just like to give you a few reasons why the explosion in the sixth lab wasn't entirely my fault and why I shouldn't be the person who's getting 100% of the blame. Because yeah, well, it's kind of unfair.

Anyway, Mr Smith, he wasn't even in the room. He was up at the staff room, and he was there for 20 minutes, didn't even come down til someone actually told him about it. So I mean, I think he should get some of the blame too. Yeah, revisit your supervision protocols because there kind of crap.

Second of all, the labelling system was-- the chemicals was really terrible, so I'd get the science department to look at that and label them and say which ones cause an explosion and all that sort of thing. It'd make it a whole lot easier, and I can guarantee that scenarios like this one will not happen in the future. So yes, I'd do that.

Also, Mr Smith told me that I inflicted a huge destruction of school property. I only broke a beaker, and kids do that all the time. So I don't really see how I'm the big villain here. I didn't break a window. I broke a beaker.

They're both made of glass, but one of them is smaller and worth less. So yeah, that's all. So if that's it, I'll just be going. Are you seriously getting me in trouble for wearing grey socks?

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