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Drama Ensembles 2021 – Monologues – Bailey Craig

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BAILEY CRAIG: Hi. My name is Bailey Craig, and I'm in Year 8 at Campbelltown Performing Arts High School. This is my monologue titled 'Detention.'

You know,I need detention right, because you see, there's this girl that I really, really like. Her name's Veronica. I know, such a cute name, aye? I've always wanted to go up and talk to her, but I've never had the nerve to. So I've come up with a mastermind plan. I'm going to climb up the side of the building that she's into.

I'm going to sneak in through the window and sit right up the back of the class where the teacher can't see me. Then once the teacher leaves, I'm going to tap her on the shoulder, and I'll say, hi, how are you? And then hopefully she'll say, I'm good and you?

And then I might say, do you want to hang out at lunch? And then she'll say, yeah, sure. And so then when the bell rings, we'll walk out onto the Oval and have a picnic and talk. And then when the bell goes at the end of lunch, we'll walk to class together.

But remember, that's how I want it to go, not how it really went. This is how it went. I tried to climb up the wall until the teacher shut the window on my fingers. So I was left hanging there, until Veronica opened the window, and I fell 20 feet to the ground, lying there helpless, with no one around, until guess who comes running outside and helps me up. Veronica! You know what that means. I think we're friends! Yes!

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