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Drama Ensembles 2021 – Monologues – Charlie McQueen

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CHARLIE MCQUEEN: Hi. I'm Charlie McQueen, and I go to Ashfield Boys High School. This is my monologue, called 'Eyes.' Hi, guys. Sorry. The reason I haven't seen you loads recently is because I've been working on my newest project. And guess what? I'm making a boat! A boa-- oh. Yeah. Congrats on those marks. That test was hard.

Anyway, the boat. So get this. The sail. Yeah. I should probably get going, too, anyway. See ya. I should probably start painting the hull soon. I mean, I like the colour now. But I think people will notice it a bit more if it's a bit, you know, brighter, more noticeable. I'll just cancel tonight's plans to get that one done.

Ah! I was going to bring the scarf that I knitted last night. I thought people would like it. Unless maybe-- would it be going to far to bring the boat to the restaurant? Let me check. Hi. Yeah. I was just wondering about tonight. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Cool. OK. See you next week then. Bye.

I'm going to smash that stupid boat! Why doesn't anyone, anyone appreciate me? Oh, no. I just-- I want to be the centre of everything. Nobody wants me because I just want all the eyes on me. I've made a mess of everything. I can't be this way anymore.

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