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Drama Ensembles 2021 – Monologues – Nikita Jordan

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NIKITA JORDAN: Hi. I'm Nikita. I'm in Year 6, and I go to Bourke Street Public School. This is a monologue entitled Run. How am I supposed to get out of here? It's been days since I was locked up and there's no way out. Wait a second. The window. How did I not think of this before? Ah, just need to--

Finally. Dad thought he could just lock me up in there. No, no, no, no, no. Just a little bit of this and you'll be dead. And I'll be free. What a strange word to say. Free, free, free. I just need to get the poison in his mouth. OK, done with that. Now, what should I do?

I could run away. Or I could sell the house. Or I could run into the woods where no one will ever find me. [laughs] Is that what I hear? Police sirens already? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I need to get out of here. Car keys. 15 minutes already? Oh no, traffic at this hour of the day when I'm being chased by-- by police? Oh. Oi, don't beep at me. Ugh.

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