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Drama Ensembles 2021 – Monologues – Nina Peros

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NINA PEROS: Hi, I'm in Nina Peros and I'm in Year 6. And I wrote this monologue called The Vogue Elevator. So excited for my Vogue photoshoot. I'm going to look stunning in my vintage Louis dress. OK. It's level 23. Everyone is going to love me when they see-- whoa. Guess I'm here.

Although it couldn't have been nicer to just tell me. Why won't this door open? Oh, no. I'm stuck. I'm going to miss my Vogue photoshoot. No one's ever going to be able to see this face. Wait, wait. I'll just call someone.

No service. No service. I've never had no service before. Wait, wait, wait. I'll just write on this and slip it through the crack. But I don't have a pen.

I'm sorry. Help me, I'm stuck. OK. I'm slipping it underneath the crack. Where's the crack? The doors touch the floor. I'm never going to get out. No, Brianna Williams. Think. Do it for the shoes you'll be able to buy when you're Vogue famous. Wait, shoes. My sharp heels. I can get out. I just have to wedge it in there. Oh. Whoa. I did it. OK. Let's go.

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