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Drama Ensembles 2021 - Monologues - Piper Elston

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PIPER ELSTON: Hi. I'm Piper Elston. I'm in Year 5 at Dobroyd Point Public School, and the monologue that I wrote is called The Shrinkinator. Count Fluffleton, this is the end of it. We're on our way to the Invention Convention Centre via the elevator. Today I will show off my innovations to the judges. And who knows, maybe I'll become famous all over the world.

Now, the last time I got sent out because someone was lifting their leg on Mr. Angliff. Please, I really want this conference to be a success. What was that? Fluffleton? We're stick in the lift. We're stuck in the lift. What would Google do in this situation? Siri, what would Google do? Google, how do you-- what the-- oh, oh, oh. Shrink. Shrink. Shrink. Shrink!

If only I had to Shrinkinator we'd be all set. Fluffleton, this is no time to be having a dance party or trying to be a mouse or trying to tell me that we can shrink. Wait! That's it! I have a Shrinkinator. That was my invention I was going to present today. I am a genius.

OK, so here's the game plan. I'll create a dog translator so you can speak to humans. Then I'll shrink you and your scuttle under the lift door bringing along the Shrinkinator and the dog translator. Then you will enlarge yourself to human size, go to the lost and found and put on some human clothes.

You will go to my conference and pretend to be Dr. Gloop and present my invention and say you need to speak through a translator because you speak French. Ah, ha, ha, ha. And then once you've done with that, go get someone to help me out the elevator. Or I could just shrink you and you can go get help? Very well then. Shrinkinator, shrink!

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