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Drama Ensembles 2021 - Monologues - Wylie Best

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WYLIE BEST: Hello, I am Wylie Best. I'm in year eight. I go to the Newtown High School of Performing Arts. And my monologue is entitled, 'The Sudden Shadow of a Rose Tint.'

Hello, hello. I am Joseph Wydo. You probably recognise me. I'm sort of a town celebrity around here. So I've been-- don't worry about introducing yourselves, by the way. I already know who you are. John Bestow, Mary Mild, is it? Yes, OK, good.

Let's move on. So I'm sort of a town celebrity. I've been in 'The Blade of Grass,' in 'Palms and Plums.' I've been the usher in 'Theatre of Dreams' and the pumpkin in 'Modern Horror IV.' Anyway, so today, I will be spectacularly, by the way, or just in my opinion, acting out a Shakespeare soliloquy, 'To Be or Not To Be' from 'Hamlet.' Anyway, it's sort of a self-interpretation. I hope you enjoy.

Oh, sorry. Forgot about those. 'To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer a sea of arrows.' That's not very right, is it?

Suffer sea of arrows. Nobler in the mind. Not noble in the mind. Suffer sea-- I don't think that's correct. Sorry. Awkward. All good, alert. I've forgot my script. Anyways.

Oh, you've come up with a verdict? All right. Well, I thought it was pretty high energy. I thought it was pretty good. Actually-- sorry, I'm just rambling about myself. What do you guys think? I'm just really nervous.

Oh, it was-- I-- no, I don't-- I don't think it was bad. It's just self-interpretation. I don't think you got it. The next person here will just walk over here and just do a simple vanilla monologue, and you're going to cast him instantly. I am just trying to be different and stand out. And therefore, you've lost my respect if you think that is a bad thing. Good day. Bye.

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