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Drama Ensembles 2021 - Puppetry Ensemble - 04. Group C

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[intro music]

NELLIE: Yesterday, they arrested my mother, framed for the crimes of her evil boss, Brutus McCorp. My father is in his room, on his deathbed from grief and fear for my mother. What am I to do?

It is Christmas Eve, and here in my hand, I hold two letters, both from Mr. McCorp. One is a notice of eviction, for his company owns this house, and they will cast us out this very night. The other is his proposal of marriage. He says that if I marry him, we can stay in this house, and he will find the evidence to free my mother.

It is all too much to bear. How can I marry him? He is a villain, and has destroyed my family's happiness. But if I don't, then I alone am responsible for how low we must fall.

If only my true love, my sweet Drake Dogooder, was here, he would come to my rescue, and all would be well. But my dearest love is in the Amazon, fighting for the forest. Or perhaps he is saving the seals in Antarctica. I just can't keep track of all of his good deeds. And now he will never know my real love and admiration for him.

I have sent him a telegram telling him of our plight. But what if he never gets it? What should I do? I'm ruined. [sobs]

BADGER: Knock knock!

BRUTUS: Boo hoo!

BADGER: No, the next line is 'Who's there?'


BADGER: I say, 'Knock knock,' and you say, 'Who's there?' Here, I'll show you. Knock knock. Who's there? Boo. And then you say, 'Boo who?' And then I say, 'There's nothing to cry about.'


BADGER: Or is it a line about ghosts? I can't remember.

BRUTUS: Shut it, Badger! Now where was I?


BRUTUS: Boo hoo! Did I hear your salty crocodile tears? What do I care for your sadness? You know what to do. Make all of this right, and you have both choices in your hands right now.

NELLIE: I do not love you.

BRUTUS: I do not care.

BADGER: We do not care.

BRUTUS: Although you have never shown me affection, and are repelled by my appearance, I will make you my wife. Where is your hero now? Nowhere!

But should he turn up, I've set a trap to rid the world of Dogooder forever! I have several tax collectors with paperwork staking out this house right now. And they've been told to make him pay them on site should they come near.

BADGER: Do you? How do you know about that many people with paperwork?

BRUTUS: They're for hire.

BADGER: And how much is that costing the business?

BRUTUS: It's tax deductible. No, my dear, it is just you and me and your decision. What do you say? Shall you marry me or choose a destitute life for you and your family? Make your decision now.

NELLIE: I have no choice. I must save my family. I must say yes, even though he's the most odious man alive, and his sidekick smells like onions.

BRUTUS: A wise choice. Let us get ready.


BRUTUS: Yes. The nuptials will take place tonight.

NELLIE: I must try to delay him. If my Drake is to arrive in time, I must do whatever I can to postpone this dreadful wedding. But I must ready myself.

I have the dress all sorted and wanted to do something special with my hair. A woman cannot be rushed. I may not have wanted to marry you. In fact, I would rather marry a snake than you. Ha, I'd rather marry Badger than you.

BADGER: You would?

BRUTUS: Harsh.

NELLIE: But if I must marry you, then I want the wedding of my dreams-- the flowers, 15 bridesmaids, the diamond ring, the carriage, the dress, the beach location, a professional makeover, the honeymoon in Bali-- got to get my hair and nails done-- the white shoes, the veil, a cute little dog with a silky vest, the words 'Just Married,' and the cushion he drags up the aisle bearing the rings, the--

BRUTUS: Enough!

NELLIE: I'm only getting started.

BRUTUS: Marry me now, or heaven help me, I'll drag your father from his bed and throw him into the street myself. What are you doing here, Dogooder? I thought I used everything in my power to destroy you.

DRAKE: You sound disappointed, McCorp. But none of your feeble attempts to destroy me could stand in the way of me stopping this monstrous wedding between you and my true heart's love, Nellie. When you torpedoed my ship, 'The Saving Grace,' I valiantly swam hundreds of miles to shore. And when you sent a shark to eat me as I fought my way through the waves of salty despair, I punched him in the nose.

When you tried to have me sign paperwork outside, I sat the lads down and explained the fragile nature of becoming rich and the path to it. Laying down their pens and paper, they immediately began planning businesses, and are out there now making money and helping others do the same.

BRUTUS: Drat and bother, Drake Dogooder. I did not think I could hate you more than I did before you arrived, and then you go and do something like that?

DRAKE: That's not all. I went to the police station before I arrived, and delivered the real documents of your embezzlement and destruction. Nellie's poor mother is free and on her way with the police to arrest you right now.

BRUTUS: Dogooder, I think you're forgetting one thing. I have my hands on the girl, and I will kill her before I give her over to you. If I can't have her, no one will!

[gasps, snarls, sounds of struggle]

NELLIE: You should be ashamed of yourself. You know what, I'm not even mad. I'm just disappointed.


DRAKE: That's my girl. She's so feisty. Perhaps I can convince Badger to marry her.

BRUTUS: I had a tough childhood. You wouldn't understand.

NELLIE: Would your younger self be proud of the man you've become?


DRAKE: Well, you've got plenty of time to reflect on your personal growth and journey in gaol. And now, my dearest Nellie, shall we marry?

NELLIE: Yes! A thousand times, yes!

BRUTUS: Badger?

BADGER: At your service, sir.

DRAKE: Do you need the bridesmaids, the diamond ring, the beach location, the--

NELLIE: With you by my side, I have everything I need.

[music playing]

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