Inside Out

NSW Public Schools Senior Dance Ensemble
: Charlotte Twitchell

Duration: 4:53

Anger, frustration, loneliness, peace and surrendering.

Our Senior Ensemble 2 found their emotional voices in this video project, portraying their various feelings surrounding the events of the last 2 years. Through movements and creative work, they successfully expressed their deep inner thoughts. Building their personal voices and vocabularies, these talented students created a work that will allow them to look back and see how historical events shaped their lives. 


Name School
Aimee Nepean CAPA Arts High School
Astrid Randwick Girls High School
Isabella Killara High School
Isabelle Campbelltown PAHS
Jack Kirrawee High School
Mackenzie Nepean CAPA Arts High School
Mikayla Menai High School
Stacey Strathfield Girls High School
Olivia NBSC Cromer Campus
Stephanie Cronulla High School
Tash Randwick Girls High School
Taylor Kirrawee High School

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Transcript – Inside Out

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