New Bodies in Space

NSW Public Schools Senior Dance Ensemble
: Angela Hill

Duration: 4:19

New Bodies in Space follows 12 bodies as they arrive into a new environment and reality. The dancers move to discover how their new bodies relate to the environment, as they find certainty and grounding as they navigate the natural physical forces at play.


Name School
Alexandra Burwood Girls High School
Alyssa Killara High School
Chloe Randwick Girls High School
Elizabeth Woonona High School
Frances Randwick Girls High School
Hanako NBSC Mackellar Girls Campus
Imogen Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Isabelle Glendale High School
Olivia NBSC Cromer Campus
Stephanie Cronulla High School
Tash Randwick Girls High School
Taylor Kirrawee High School

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Transcript – New Bodies in Space

[intro music]

[music playing]

[exhaling loudly]

[music playing]

End of transcript