CApture Film Festival

How to enter

The CApture Film Festival is open to Year 9, 10 and 11 students.

Schools can participate in the festival as a class entry or submit films created by individual students or groups of students. There are no fees to participate; schools are eligible to submit multiple films and must adhere to the guidelines listed on this page.

To enter CApture:

  1. Use the Enter your film form to enter your films. Applications open Monday 1 April.
  2. Submit your completed films via the Hightail upload link provided and scripts via the application form
  3. Sign your Authority to publish form (talent release) and keep it at school.

    Film submitting protocols

    All films should be in .mp4 format, 1920 x 1080 (landscape), 25fps and submitted via the Film festivals application form.

    Sound levels in films need to maintain a consistent level. Films with sound levels that are distorted or disturbing to an audience cannot be accepted. This includes children screaming and poorly recorded speech that is difficult to understand. 

    Selection of films

    Films may be selected to reflect the greater participation of submitting schools. Judges’ selections will include variety and originality, among other considerations and all decisions are final. 

    The following will be considered when viewing films:

    • originality 
    • cinematography 
    • technical elements
    • design elements
    • storyline 
    • student performances.

    Films may include action, comedy, drama, fantasy, mystery, romance, thriller, documentaries, mockumentaries, animation, stop motion and digital storytelling. 

    Successful films: 

    • are entertaining to a broad audience 
    • are clear in their purpose, narrative and structure 
    • use effective editing techniques 
    • have a quality sound recording where levels are consistent, there is no feedback, distortion, or wind interference and all dialogue is clear and audible 
    • are creative and collaborative. 

    PG rating

    The department works closely with the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner to ensure student online safety. As part of the Digital Citizenship program, students learn how to stay safe and healthy while using digital technologies, appropriate and inappropriate online behaviour, and how to contribute online positively. All submitted films must adhere to the PG rating.

    Literature Classification. Information about classification is available at What do the ratings mean?

    Authority to publish form (talent release)

    All films require the Authority to publish form (talent release) for every student participating. Any adults who may appear in the film as 'actors' or 'supporters' must also have a signed talent release form. All forms are to be signed and provided to the school upon application.

    Film criteria

    All films submitted should: 

    • be between 3 and 5 minutes in duration
    • be age appropriate and conform to a PG rating
    • be appropriate to the skill level of the participating students
    • only include students’ first names in the credits
    • be original works created in accordance with copyright laws
    • represent the department's values and beliefs
    • be created by NSW Department of Education teachers and/or students
    • have a script submitted
    • include a poster to advertise the film that has been made
    • include the signature item ‘box’
    • have had participants sign an Authority to publish form (talent release).

    Upload instructions for your film

    Use the following links to upload your film to Hightail:

    When you upload your file into Hightail  please ensure your file is labelled correctly:  

    • Media file name – Name of film.MP4
    • Full name – Teacher’s name
    • Email – Teacher’s email
    • Message – Write the name of your school

    Quick guide to uploading to Hightail

    Marking criteria

    All films will be assessed by a panel and marked against a marking criteria against a variety of elements including:

    • Story development
    • Audience engagement
    • Technical aspects
    • Originality and authenticity

    Please see the rubric for further details of each success criteria.

    Film submission rubric (DOCX 24.3 KB)


    Enter your film

    Important information

    In the event of injury, no personal injury insurance cover is provided by the NSW Department of Education for students in relation to school sporting activities, physical education lessons or any other school activity. The department’s public liability cover is fault-based and limited to breaches by the department of its duty of care to students that may result in claims for compensation.

    Parents/carers are advised to assess the level and extent of their child’s involvement in the activity when deciding whether additional insurance cover is required prior to their child’s involvement in the program. Personal accident insurance cover is available through normal retail insurance outlets.

    Privacy notice

    The information requested in this note is being collected by the NSW Department of Education. The department will use the information in connection with your student's participation in this event for the following purposes:

    1. administration;
    2. communication with parents/carers; and
    3. for the health, safety and welfare of your student.

    The department might share the information requested in this note with health care providers in the event that your student requires urgent medical attention. All personal information will be held securely and disposed of securely when no longer needed.

    You have the right to access and correct the information you provide in this note. If you wish to do so, please contact The Arts Unit on 02 8512 1100 Locked Bag 1500, Petersham NSW 2049 

    Specific privacy information

    The department will use information about your student's

    • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status for the purpose of implementing its Aboriginal Education Policy.
    • Identified additional support information to ensure appropriate learning adjustments are in place.

    The provision of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander status or gender status is voluntary, and not providing either of them will not impact on your student's participation. All other additional support information requested in this form is voluntary.

    Applicant details
    Please enter the details of the teacher or student submitting a film.
    Name of teacher or student submitting film
    School details
    Principal's name
    This film has been viewed and endorsed by your school principal.

    Students' details

    Student learning stages (if applicable)

    Film details

    Does this film contain any images, music, digital files or intellectual property that was not created by the film makers?
    Were the images, music, digital files or intellectual property used in your film copyright free or was permission provided?
    All students’ whose work is incorporated into this film are acknowledged in the credits by first name only.
    I understand that the film I am submitting should be culturally and politically appropriate and suitable for viewing in NSW public schools.
    I have read the information guides provided on the Film By and CApture websites and adhere to the guidelines.
    All students’ have signed a Filming authority release form which is kept at school but maybe called upon by The Arts Unit if needed.
    I have submitted my film to Hightail
    One file only.
    16 MB limit.
    Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.
    One file only.
    16 MB limit.
    Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.