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Are you considering your options after school and want to use your dance skills to further your career?  Delve into the episodes on dance pathways as we speak with professionals who are using their knowledge and passion in Dance to create successful careers in a range of professions.

Sydney Dance Company Pre-Professional Year

Duration: 32:35

Tune in for a conversation with Arts Unit's Dance Performance Officer Joanne King, delving into Sydney Dance Company's Pre-professional year (PPY). Course creator Linda Gamblin unpacks the holistic approach that underpins the course philosophy, while current PPY member and former Arts Unit ensemble dancer Alex Lusty offers a firsthand account of the audition process and the PPY's daily schedule.

Linda Gamblin
Linda Gamblin
Alex Lusty-headshot.
Alex Lusty
Joanne King headshot.
Joanne King
Audio transcript – Sydney Dance Company Pre-Professional Year


Montage of Alex Lusty

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